About us

“Pineal Art Gallery by Nacho Martín” was founded in 2021 by Nacho Martín and 2 other partners as an initiative to increase the reach of Nacho Martín’s art. 


Pineal Art Gallery is an art gallery that supports Iberian Heritage and Art. We stand firm on our values of transparency, professionalism & respect. We want to showcase Nacho’s work and the scenes behind so people can understand the work, passion and dedication put into each piece.


We operate wordwide, and are planning new exhibitions in the GCC soon (Dubai, Riyadh…). With our company based in Madrid (Spain) and Dubai (UAE) we cover and work with all the regions in the World.


Every piece is made by Nacho by hand, it comes in a custom wooden crate box fully protected, with a certificate of authenticity, a certificate from the metal foundry works, Nacho’s unique signature, instructions on cleaning and suggestions on better displaying the piece and a personal letter from the artist to the final customer.

We are available in our social media, phone numbers and email for any inquiry about the project, artist or anything related to his art.